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Neoline X-COP 8700s

369 EUR
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Motion Control technology allows you to turn off audio and voice alerts with a single hand gesture. Just hold your hand in front of the GPS-informer  display and the alarm sound will be turned off.

The new GPS-informer has a bright multi-color OLED display, which is perfectly readable from any angle of visibility.
User can choose 6 color variations: white, blue, blue, green, red, yellow.
Separately, you can set the color of the diode strip, located under the control buttons of the GPS-informer .

Also, the device has a brightness sensor that automatically adjusts the brightness of the display based on the illumination.

With this function it is possible to display on the diode strip the strength of the received signal or a warning about the approach to the GPS point.

The user can place the device in several variations:

1) Standard installation at the base of the windshield on the mount with suction cups or 3M adhesive tape
2) Installation on suction cups or 3M adhesive tape upside down at the rear view mirror. To do this, use the 2nd hole for mounting. It is possible to turn the display upside down in the Menu.
3) Installation on the magnetic mount on the car front panel.

When using the GPS-informer in sunny weather, install the a special anti-glare visor on the top on of device.

With just one click, the user can add a Danger Zone to the device’s memory. This is an area that requires the attention of the driver, for example, a series of lying police, a school, a busy intersection, a mobile ambush, etc.
And also with just one key, the user can add a silence Zone to block the constant false signal.

In the GPS-informer  menu, you can set the radius of entry to each zone.

MULTILINGUAL The Neoline X-COP 8700s provides an extended number of languages. Currently available:
English, Spanish, German, Lithuanian, Russian, Czech.
The language pack will be constantly updated with new language‘s menu.

With this function, the user can make an accurate measurement of the acceleration of your car. In the X-LOGIC mode it is possible to measure the speed up to 60 km/h, 100 km/h, 100 to 150 km/h, 100 to 200 km/h, and the time for which the car will pass 402 m. .

Just download the firmware and database from the site copy to flash card and connect with special adapter (included) to X-COP 8700s base and firmware will automatically update.

New updates every week will be available on

Neoline X-COP 8700s is developed by leading Korean engineers in the field of automotive electronics.
Neoline X-COP 8700s is the perfect combination of Korean quality and reliability.

Neoline X-COP 8700s includes the following accessories in its configuration:
- GPS-informer Neoline X-COP 8700s
- Mount to the windshield on the suction cups
- 3M adhesive tape for attaching to the windshield
- Magnetic mount on the front panel.
- Power cable to car outlet with on/off button (DC12V ~ 24V)
- USB OTG cable
- Device storage case
- Anti-glare visor
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Built-in battery
Active charging
Сamera rotation in the cabin
GPS module
Police radar GPS-database
Smartphone control
Motion sensor
Parking mode
State number stamp
GPS stamp
Date/time stamp
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Location: Netherlands