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Dashboard camera Neoline G-Tech X74

149 EUR
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The compact case of NEOLINE G-Tech X74 is fitted with convenient, easy-to-operate buttons, its allocation allows to change settings of the device blindly. With a 2-inch IPS display user can make settings and view the videos with true-color imaging from any angle.

NEOLINE G-Tech X74’s magnetic holder with active recharge makes it easy to mount the dash camera and take it away, no wires involved.

HOT KEY button serves to disable recording when necessary. Hold it down to access extra options like Parking Mode.

Due to a powerful Novatek CPU, SONY sensor and lens with 1:1.8 aperture NEOLINE G-Tech X74 provides high quality and detailed video. Such hardware allows NEOLINEG-Tech X74 to shoot Full HD 1920*1080 resolution footage at 30 fps, which provides a detailed, high-quality picture both in daylight and at night.

NEOLINE G-Tech X74 features first-class optics and matrix, as well as special algorithm which guarantees highly detailed picture in the hard lighting conditions.

A 37mm antiglare CPL filter is placed over the NEOLINE G-Tech X74 lens to prevent sunlight flecks and interior objects reflections on the windshield. The CPL filter also significantly improves image contrast.

NEOLINE G-Tech X74 has a WDR function that keeps the picture well balanced in terms of wide range of lighting conditions, such as back lighting or quickly changing light. This is particularly important during the entrance / exit from a tunnel or in case of bright direct sunlight. Due to WDR function, NEOLINE G-Tech X74 makes high-quality videos even in the most challenging conditions.

Due to 140° wide view angle NEOLINE G-Tech X74 covers five traffic lanes without distorting the picture. It will surely record everything that happens on the road.

The parking mode in NEOLINE G-Tech X74 offers a wide selection of settings, voice prompting and alerts to provide you with a conclusive evidence base in case of a road accident or illegal activities at the parking area.

NEOLINE G-Tech X74 comes with a capacitor instead of a battery. Capacitors are more heat-resistant and are generally more durable than batteries. It helps to solve many typical problems that other dashcams have, including overheating, battery explosion hazard, losing the latest files.

Neoline devices have built-in radar and camera database which includes data of more than one hundred thousand radars around the world (Europe, USA, Israel, Middle East, Turkey, Australia, etc.).
The database is updated regularly on


A distinctive feature of the NEOLINE G-Tech X74 is the intelligent handling of cameras that calculate average speed. The algorithm incorporated in the NEOLINE G-Tech X74 allows you to reset the alert when you exit the station and even the turn to be monitored, alert you to speeding, correctly process other GPS points on the site where the average speed is calculated.

To prevent any situations in which video records are absent, NEOLINE G-Tech X74 gives a special sound signal when the recording stops.
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Full HD (1920x1080 / 30 fps)
Display, inch
Night vision
Night mode
Max. memory card capacity
Built-in battery
Integrated super capacitor
Active charging
Installation method
Magnetic holder
Сamera rotation in the cabin
GPS module
Police radar GPS-database
Smartphone control
Motion sensor
Parking mode
State number stamp
GPS stamp
Date/time stamp
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  • NEOLINE G-Tech X74 dashboard camera
  • Magnetic holder with adhesive tape
  • Antiglare CPL filter
  • Car charger with 2 USB ports
  • User manual
  • Warranty card
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Location: Netherlands